What is a terrace garden-                                                                                           1

Requirements for a terrace garden.                                                                           1

REASONS TO HAVE TERRACE GARDEN-                                                                      2

FOLLOW YOUR PASSION                                                                                               2

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.                                                                                                    2

GOOD FOR YOUR WALLET-                                                                                           2

BEST WAY OF ENTERTAINMENT-                                                                                   2

KNOWLEDGE –                                                                                                            2

EXPERIENCE-                                                                                                              3

SOCIAL VALUES FOR KIDS –                                                                                         3

SIGHT OF ATTRACTION.                                                                                               3

PLANTS ARE THE BEST THERAPY-                                                                                  3

NATURE FRIENDLY-                                                                                                      4

Top 10 reasons to have a terrace garden. 1

What is a terrace garden-

Terrace garden, also called roof garden. It is a type of garden where people love growing various fruits, vegetables and flowers. Due to decreasing spaces in the flats and row house systems many have shifted their gardens to roof top. In this module we will search for some reasons why one should have a terrace garden. Before that let us see a few requirements of terrace gardens.


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Requirements for a terrace garden.

  • Obviously, you will need a terrace. An open space above your house which you can use for farming or growing plants. At least it should measure 10*10 meters.
  • You will need different containers. They may vary in sizes and shapes, you can use plastic wastes such as water bottles, plastic mugs, buckets, egg trays for making these wastes more attractive. You can follow some DIYs. Except for these things you will need some number of pots they could be hanging one or simple one.
  • Pot mix- Pot mix is a type of soil which is a mixture of coco peat and some quantity of sand and clay soil. You may use any garden soil but pot mixes are preferable.
  • Well treated seeds of vegetables or saplings or stored seeds. For saplings you can visit nearby plant nurseries or greenhouse.
  • Water connection on roof top and a synthetic pipe for water transport.

These are a few basic requirements for a terrace garden. You can start gradually by adding plants as your experience increases. For starting you can plant basic and easy growing herbs such as coriander, fenugreek and spinach. Keep check on their water habits and food requirements. Then you can bring some fruit plants and veggies which will slowly make you master in your business. Let us now focus on our main topic-



Many among us love being surrounded by nature. For this we bring some indoor plants

which merely delights our heart. But having a terrace garden will give you satisfaction. We hardly have time to spend in gardens. This will give you a reason to be with nature.


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By transforming your empty terrace into a garden will pay you for good health. Nowadays fruits and vegetables are just a piece of herbicide and pesticides. We don’t consume them slowly; they are making us hollow. In this pandemic many thrive to death due to low immunity. To increase your immunity, you should step ahead and start growing your own healthy organic food. You can start with potatoes, tomatoes and other fruit plants which will fit in your space. Planting sapota plants will not take much space. Eating green leafy vegetables will surely make you strong. After all, ‘health is wealth’.


Vegetable rates are touching the skies. Just imagine if you are able to grow all your necessary vegetables on your roof top, you can easily save a bunch of bucks every month. While shopping for groceries we have inherited the gene of bargaining. But here we will have our small farm with healthy freshly plucked vegetables. You can plant a few flower bearing plants which will help in gifting you garland to your loved ones. If you have a content creator hidden in yourself, just start daily vlogs sharing your tips and tricks of keeping plants healthy would be a great idea and if you are an introvert start suggesting ideas on blogs this will surely build up your confidence. You can also start distributing your terrace organic harvest to your neighbours’ close friends.


There would be very few of us who would not enjoy the company of plants. While preparing beds, sowing seeds, watering plants, manuring much time passes out. Instead of scrolling Instagram feeds this will be a better alternative. Morning water is considered good for plants and if you are sleepy in the morning this is a good responsibility for you. Nature has every medicine you just have to keep faith.


We should always be hungry for knowledge, and nature has plenty of it. Try planting herbs, shrubs and observing them. Observation is a very unique skill and very few of them master it. Theoretically we know there are 3 major seasons but being with plants will show you different sub seasons also. You will observe various rooting systems, watering requirements of plants, and the fruiting season. There are lots and lots of things to learn in nature. You can also start your practical work such as grafting different species of plants. Father of genetics George Mendel also started their experiment from their passion of growing plants.


Many tourists pay money to get farming experiences, this has speeded up agro tourism in India. You will have your own small farm to experience various things. You can experience ripening of fruits, flowering of plants, pest attacks and their preventives. Best thing is you don’t have to pay for this. If you have kids at home there is nothing valuable then these lessons. They will have great experience growing vegetables and they will eat them with interest. Recently studies have shown decreasing interest of students in outdoor games, this will help them in overall growth.


Best investment for the future is inculcating good social values in children. Nowadays children waste their food and have no feeling of responsibility. By engaging them in terrace farming will make great change, by growing their own food they will know the amount of energy to grow food. They will practically learn the terms of photosynthesis. They will learn the term of caring for others by caring for plants. They will start following a certain timetable and will love sharing their food with others. They will share their good experiences with their friends and most importantly they will understand, there are many interesting things to do rather than playing video games. Keeping water baths for sparrows and other family activities increases bonding among members. They will start respecting nature for giving so many things.


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We pay a lot to keep our home decorative and attractive. Planting a few plants on a terrace makes it more attractive than any other materialistic things. Planting varied colours of flowers make it a sight of attraction. Relatives, friends and family will love spending afternoons with plants. They will readily appreciate your work of art and the beauty of plants. Gifting them some of your harvest will be cherry on cake. They will always remember the unforgettable evening spent in your terrace garden.


Due to hectic work schedules many of the youngsters are suffering from depression. Loneliness has become the worst monster and fake social lives are heart-breaking. We pretend to be happy on social media but in reality, we struggle to be happy and calm. Japanese culture has many techniques which directly connect with nature. In this aggressive world our soul searches for some kind of calm place and terrace gardens provide us that. Spending some time with the aroma of soil and plants will make your life better. Plants not only provide shade but they will give you some buzzing bees and chirping small cute little birds. And you feel very satisfied. You can speak, cry and share your feelings with them, and there will be no one to judge you.


By planting a few plants, you will definitely pay a lot of attention to nature. And terrace gardens are the obvious future of farming. Many have started growing paddy and sugarcane on their terrace and you can also be the one among them. It will provide shelter to birds, small insects and even beautiful butterflies.

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