5 Ornamental Plants That Will Transform Your Home Garden Into A Paradise 1

Whether you agree or not, plants are the best way to decorate the house. They amp up the place in no time with their uniqueness and positive energy. If you are looking to add glamour to your house then check out these ornamental plants. 

The desire to decorate our homes is ingrained in us. It is not just our creative expression but spiritually fulfilling. Our home is an abode that gives us peace after a long tiring day. Thus we all want our house to reflect the best of us. The best way to incorporate character and freshness into the house is by adding indoor ornamental plants. The fresh aroma of green leaves and flowers is soothing for our senses and invigorates the mind. Check out the list of ornamental plants that we have got for you. 


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Areca Palm

If you want to add a leafy touch to your living room then what better than an Areca Palm? Areca Palm also known as Golden Cane Palm is a gorgeous-looking summer plant that can easily survive indoors. However, it demands sufficient water. The big feathery leaves of Areca Palm make it perfect to add to the lonely corners of your house. 

Snake Plant

Snake Plant popularly known as Mother in Law’s tongue is among the best ornamental plants to spruce up your house. The tall and tough leaves shaped like a sword make it a beautiful addition to your living room. However, make sure to get a strong pot for them. 

snake plant

String Of Pearls

Succulents are commonly used as indoor plants (how to grow garlic at home). A string of pearls with their trailing delicate round bead-shaped leaves makes a wonderful hanging display on the high-rise walls of the living room. 




string of pearls

Peace Lily

Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers which is often used for gifting. The sturdy, glossy leaves and arum-shaped flowers make it the best addition to your living room’s centre table. This plant (how to grow tulsi at home) is also popular for its air-purifying trait. 

peace lily


If you want to add colour to your living room then Begonia is the best option. It can cheer up the space with its beautiful and colourful flowers. It can grow quickly and is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. 

Add these ornamental plants to spruce up your house in no time. 


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