MrBeast Now Wants to Save the Oceans With 'Team Seas' and Internet is Here for it 1

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson, YouTube’s biggest philanthropist, is back with another ambitious project and it’s safe to say, the entire community is backing him again. After planting 20 million trees with the help of his fans, Internet strangers, and even tech mogul Elon Musk, MrBeast wants to save the seas by clearing up 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean (rivers, beaches) by January 1, 2022.


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How would that be possible, you ask? “#TeamSeas is a global campaign to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds of plastic and trash from our ocean, rivers and beaches,” the website, set up to collect the donations from people across the world, states. Spearheaded by former NASA engineer and current YouTuber Mark Rober alongside Jimmy, #TeamSeas has partnered up with Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup. All donations made, according to the website, would be split between the two organizations.

The website also informs that the project, as big as TeamSeas, has been segregated into three categories namely beaches, rivers, and oceans to make the uphill tasks executed efficiently.

In a video uploaded only a day ago, MrBeast’s announcement to save the seas has been viewed 2 crore times. “Let’s show the world that we want to clear the ocean,” Jimmy says after cleaning the “world’s dirtiest beach” with tons of volunteers helping him.


“The plastic pollution problem is so big that no single solution will fix it at once. But we’ve got to start somewhere. 30M pounds of trash collected is 30M pounds of trash that won’t come face to face with whales, dolphins, seabirds and other beloved wildlife, and that won’t keep breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces, ending up on our dinner plates,” the website states.




To make things simpler, a YouTube channel called “The Infographics Show” made a comprehensive breakdown of how the #TeamSeas project would have an impact on our water bodies.

A quick search on YouTube shows hundreds of creators already volunteering for MrBeast’s project by putting out videos- something the YouTuber expressed gratitude for on his Twitter page.


Not for MrBeast. At least that is what the front page of suggests. At the time of writing this, MrBeast has already seen donations upwards of $6.5 million and is likely to reach the target in no time.


From buying all cars in a dealership, tipping waiters thousands of dollars, adopting all dogs at a shelter, opening a free bank for strangers, buying billboards to support PewDiePie in sub war against T-Series, 23-year-old Jimmy Donaldson has done it all.

In a video uploaded earlier this year, MrBeast pledged to give away 10 cents for every subscriber he earned in 2021.


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“For the entire year of 2021, every time someone subscribes to this channel, I’m donating 10 cents to charity. Last month (January), 3 million people subscribed to the channel, which means I’m going to give away this $300,000 mountain of money to people in need,” MrBeast says in the video titled: “Press subscribe for $0.10.”

In the video, MrBeast cleared a debt of $15,000 each for two students at a college, gave $10,000 to a school teacher while leaving PS5 and MacBooks for her students, paid rent for two apartment complexes, donated $30,000 to a business struggling to stay afloat.

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