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These days everyone is busy. You talk to anyone, he has everything but does not have time. How many times do we come across the terms “time-starved, time scarcity, time famine, time pressure, overwork culture, and over-scheduled”? We feel like we are “pressed for time”, and that there’s not enough time in the day. Or we are running out of time. It is as if life will stop if they will not spare that much time for that particular activity. That’s a fact also. These are hardcore activities and they require time. But are we busier than before? Or do we just feel busier? Probably, when people see their time in terms of money, they forget the very purpose of life.

How many times do we get time to think about the very purpose of life? Sometimes we feel deep emptiness inside us. The feeling of emptiness exists because our life is devoid of deeper meaning.  Daily we come across unanswered questions about the very purpose of our being on this earth. Why we are part of this visible phenomenon of the human life cycle which includes Birth, Growth, Reproduction, Sickness, and Death? What do we achieve in this journey of life to death? Probably life is beyond our visibility and understanding. Human has evolved to play the role of better channelization and utilization of energy for a better cause and purpose.


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Every component on this earth living or non-living is equally important for ecological functioning and can’t be replaced by any other component. Human beings are also one such component of this ecological system with limited but specific roles. We must participate in the completion of this process through specific actions. Our genetic makeup is highly complex compared to all other organisms on the earth. It could be possible through hybridizing processes that took millions of years to achieve. Only human has the power and capabilities to understand life in the physical world and beyond it. Humans can take their imperfections to perfection. No other component has this unique capability. Human beings can protect other organisms on Earth from natural calamities by understanding nature and its cause.

Charles Darwin, the originator of the Theory Of Evolution wrote, “I fully subscribe to the judgment of those writers who maintain that of all the differences between men and lower animals, the moral sense or conscience is the most important”. Humans have a moral sense because their biological makeup determines the presence of three necessary components for their ethical behavior.
A. The ability to map with anticipation the consequences of one’s actions.
B. The ability to think rationally and make the best value judgment.
C. The ability to choose between alternative causes of action.
Humans can fight their deficiencies by developing efficiencies to achieve the next and then next and then next and so on the level of excellence.


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We, humans, have been evolving along with all other species of life for millions of years. When we talk about humans, we have been evolving from individuals to, in small groups
(of about thirty people) with a shared identity, in which compassion, empathy, altruism, collaboration, participation, and proper distribution has been very important. Why small group was so important has a logic behind it. The hostile environment was the major obstructing factor for survival. The individual and then small groups were threatened by harsh climatic conditions, infections, parasites, lack of food and shelter, and protection from predators. It is here humans learned to live in small groups and then evolved into Families, Sects, and Religious, Cultural, and Social Identities.

Generally, we attempt to understand human life through genome study and we find approximately, the human body is made up of 37.2 billion cells. It is estimated that for every cell, there are ten microbes or microbial cells present inside the human body. Human cells make up only 43% of the body’s total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists. No matter how well we wash, nearly every nook and cranny of the body is covered in microscopic creatures. This includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, and archaea. The greatest concentration of them is in the dark murky depths of our oxygen-deprived bowels. More than half of our body is not human, or we are more microbes than we are human. But still, we are humans and have all those weaknesses and strengths of consciousness.


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The prefrontal neocortex is the seat of analysis and rational reasoning. Fear emanates from here and gives us an exaggerated focus on the problem( Tunnel Vision) or we are overhyping the problem. It leads to less control over rational thinking and increased emotional reaction. It happened in the past when disasters occurred in small groups which had dramatic psychological reactions and impacts. We still have the imprints of the same mentality even today. That’s why we always experience the extension of disasters more when they affect women and children more. This fear mobilizes these emotional circuits, which convert into traumas. They neutralize critical thinking and create tunnel vision which has been referred to above. Only a clear purpose, self-belief, trust, close community contact, and honest communication are the key factors to keep fear, insecurities, and stress away. Because they create a balance between the evolutionary reflexes and the current challenges of uncertainties of modern life.



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