Vested interests in keeping warm: A heating garment made out of sustainable clothing 1

Heatech is cool stuff. After Japanese clothing company UniQlo’s thermal wear became the rage, other companies got into the act of warming people up. Niche British clothing company Letit Pli has upped the ante this winter with its Entropy Vest. Global warming comes hand in hand with global cooling, no kidding, and the probable answer to staying cosy when the icecaps are meltingis wearing this new, unique and revolutionary garment. The vest is sci-fi stuff: an active heating garment, which is not skin-annoying. Pull on your shirt or jacket over it, literally flip the inbuilt switch, and presto! Warmth spreads through the garment until it reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes about 45 minutes for the gel to cool, perfect for “chilly starts on outdoor cycling commutes” as the sales pitch goes. A big hassle about wearing thermals is that they get too hot and uncomfortable after a while, prompting the user to take off layers.


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The Entropy Vest is a thermal epiphany of Ryan Mario Yasin’s company Letit Pli of which he is the founder and CEO. It is a clothing company that is more than a clothing company; it employs a large creative clan of engineers, neuroscientists, and designers who form ‘a material technology company’, the Entropy Vest is guaranteed to make currently available insulating clothes and electronic heating systems obsolete. It has a large network of fine tubes filled with phase-change liquid—the formula is top secret. These tubes are loaded with dark blue juice that gradually transforms into a warm gel, slowly releasing heat over your torso once the switch is flicked on.

Vested interests in keeping warm: A heating garment made out of sustainable clothing 2
child wearing Littlehuman

The vest is comfortable to wear, since the technology keeps it cool until it is activated. Though the chemical composition of the blue sap is a mystery, company engineers had to ensure that it wouldn’t solidify once switched on, and instead turn into a ‘comfortable gel’. The vest is an electronic marvel after all; it needs a recharge after one wear. Just dunk it in boiling water and the vest goes into heat-storing mode and is ‘infinitely reusable’, according to Pli.


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Yasin’s outfit specialises in ‘Clothes That Grow’ technology. The products owe their success to being outré and the company is placing its finger on what’s in demand. Saving money is always a good idea while clearing out wardrobe is a drag—Littlehuman garments expand seven sizes larger as the child grows.

Made from recycled materials, these durable children’s clothes cost between Rs 6,000-9,000. The company is collaborating with designer Jonathan Lawes, who deploys radically geometric silkscreen printing techniques to create kiddie clothes. Cognitive psychology recognises the effect of colours and patterns in active little minds, especially for improving memory.


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Blow hot and blow bigis the unsaid motto. The Entropy Vest, which costs Rs 47,700 is sold out. Customers can log into the company website and put their names on the wait list. First appeared in

Made from recycled materials, the durable children’s clothes cost between Rs 6,000-9,000


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