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Whenever we pass through a horrid and disturbing situation, we experience traumatic stress. The kind of events like the war between Russia and Ukraine, migration of more than three million people, violent crimes being reported daily, terrorist attacks, global pandemic, or natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods leave a feeling of intense shock by a host of conflicting emotions. Round-the-clock news and social media coverage mean that all of us are bombarded with horrific images of tragedies, sufferings, and loss almost that instant they occur anywhere in the world. Continuous traumatic stress almost shatters our sense of security inducing fear permanently, leaving us feeling helpless and vulnerable to this dangerously evolving world. 


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Constant development in science and technology has made life easier and more comfortable. How many times do we think that life would have been easier if we had no feelings or emotions? We wouldn’t have got hurt or upset each time we hear about the news that out of three million people who migrated in the Russian and Ukrainian war, fifty percent are women and children. We wouldn’t have got in panic when we come to know about social disparity and injustice in an emotionless world. We wouldn’t lose sleep worrying about the future of society and the world with which our future is integrated. We must not hold up in expressing our opinions without any fear of consequences and repercussions. All our decision would have been based on logic and algorithmic precision followed by actions in accordance with a well-crafted plan. 

“But life without emotions is like a tree without blossom and fruit”. All of us are born equipped with emotions and feelings. Of course, these emotions are the real culprit of making our lives messy. They are the cause of many pleasures and many pains. They influence our decisions and shape our personalities. They determine the quality and size of our social network which affects our quality of life. Emotions step from cognitive evaluations that people make about specific events. It helps people think about a situation before having an emotional response. Emotions can be fleeting, persistent, powerful, complex, and even life-changing. They can motivate us to act in particular ways and give us the tools and resources, we need to interact meaningfully in our personal and professional life. 


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Human social life is complex. Individuals are members of multiple groups with multiple social roles, norms, and expectations. Modern human life is a colorful tapestry of many groups and individual lives woven together in a complex yet fully functional way. Social communication is an important part of our daily life and relationship. It helps in interpreting and reacting to the emotions of others. It allows us to respond appropriately and build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with friends, family members, and society. Understanding the emotional displays of others gives us clear information about how we might need to respond in a particular situation. 

Emotions are also connected to our thoughts and memories. Memories are not just facts that are eroded in our brains, they are colored with the emotions felt at those times. That is why it is easier to remember happy thoughts when we are happy, and angry times when we are angry. Emotions influence our thinking process. It is difficult to think critically and clearly when we feel intense emotions. Because emotions prepare our bodies for immediate action, influence thoughts, and can be felt, they are important motivators of future behavior. 

Emotions humanize our decisions. Without emotions, it would be impossible to develop bonds with people. We will just be coexisting with each other. Love or hate would not exist. There will be peace but no harmony. But, when we are unable to control our emotions, the response may become disruptive and inappropriate. When emotions are left unsupervised and uncontrolled, they cause and create troubles in life. Whether positive or negative, intense emotions can cause a lot of sufferings to people and can lead to a range of self-destructive actions. Emotional outbursts or emotional liabilities refer to rapid changes in an emotional expression where strong and exaggerated feelings and emotions occur. 


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Emotion regulation is the ability that can help to monitor, evaluate and modify our emotional reactions. It is the ability that makes it possible to choose how we want to feel at that very moment, based on the circumstances and the objective. Emotion regulation means that we are scared, when we need to be scared and are fearless when we need to be fearless. Emotion regulation can lead to more confident decisions, more effective actions, and a calmer state of mind. 

All in all, emotion regulation can play an important role in having a fulfilling and balanced life. Life without emotions would certainly be easier, but emotions are, who we are. And that by knowing how to read them and use them, we can certainly make ourselves and our lives better. In a life without emotions, we will not be caring about anything even as the world is ending. Today, the few big countries have stockpiled a stock of weapons, which can destroy earth five times. Only emotions can help in creating a compassionate world which is the ultimate need of the hour. 

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