Products like biogas units, home composters and solar panels will be on display

Tiruchi Corporation has organised a home composting expo to encourage residents to compost waste within their homes and reuse it by setting up home gardens.

Speaking to The HinduCorporation Commissioner N. Ravichandran said the fourth edition of the expo would be held on June 28-30 at Kalaiarangam.

“”We have been encouraging residents to compost their biodegradable waste within their homes and to utilise the compost to set up rooftop gardens. These gardens can help provide organic, chemical-free fruits and leafy vegetables,” he said.

Mr. Ravichandran said the city generated about 450 tonnes of solid waste every day, and nearly 200 tonnes was being processed at micro compost yards while the rest needs to be done at home.

“Around 10,000-15,000 households already have their own compost pits at home. We are now encouraging students to take the lead. Children who have already received training on how do segregate waste and compost at school will do it at home,” he said.

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The expo would have biogas units, home composters, solar panels and other products on display.

The civic body would also be handing out roof garden kits, which included bags to pot plants, and other equipment required for gardening.


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